How to Be an Airsoft Sniper




So Most guides to airsoft sniping suck, But mine isnt. So lets get started and if you want to be a airsoft sniper you will need these things.

Sniper (Spring is most reliable)

Sidearm(co2 and electric would do best)

Mask Or Goggles(you do want your eyes right?)

Gillie suit(Not always necessary but it helps ALOT)

BBs( higher the weight the more accuracy you will have)

Back-pack( carries BBs, food and water)


Sling(easier to carry gun)


Extra BB's (never can have too much ammo)

Airsoft Grenades(BANG!)

Step 1: The Guns and Ammo

Your gun is your most important piece of equipment. If you have played air soft and have good experience in the sport, then Get a good 200-450$ gun. If you rather new to the sport get a 80-150$ gun (like this)

If you must choose between co2 or spring sniper rifles choose spring, they are much more dependent, cheaper and easier to maintain. The BB's are what makes your gun what it is.For the expensive guns buy .25 to .45 gram BB's, For the cheaper ones use .20 or .25 grams. Make sure you buy quality BB's that are seamless and say polished on the label. NEVER buy cheap or .12 gram BBs they will jam or break in the barrel.Now for your sidearm If you stuck between electric, co2 or spring choose co2 or electric, i would choose co2. Make sure you get a holster for it. They are priced at 12$ to 20$.SPEEDLOADER. make sure you get one, nothing sucks like running out of ammo when someone spots you.Its happened to me before.(Not Fun)

Step 2: Ghillie Suit

Gillie suits are expensive(80-200$) If you can only but the gillie shirt and not the pants because it would be much much cheaper.Some airsoft websites offer gillie gun wraps, good investments(10-20$). If you cant find one buy camo gun tape(1-6$). If you do buy a gillie suit, when your on the field or where ever you play pick up sticks or other natural items and tie them to the ghilly suits little stringy thingies.

Step 3: Tactics

Tactics win wars - quote by yours truly. tactics can help the whole team and not just you.sometimes being a sniper can be boring.You dont get as many kills,you sit in one spot for long times,but you just have to take it and not be a pussy about it.(that is why i take food with me ALWAYS). when the round is just starting stay 30-100ft behind everyone don't want to die too early in the game.some flank tactics are you and a light machine gunner go to one flank and start pushing into their base .

Thats all for now.




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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Good ideas, and even though I'm not going to be a sniper, perhaps you should write something about sniper ballistics and upgrades.

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    That is a good idea...I need to find the time to add that in :)

    Zane HuzakoCpt_Spaz

    Reply 2 years ago

    @Cpt_Spaz how do you communicate in the field?


    Me and my sniper squadron use walkie talkies and hand signals. If you use walkies talkies make sure they arent ones that beep when you go to speak.

    Zane Huzako

    2 years ago

    Does anyone know where I could get a air soft guns in Sweden?


    4 years ago

    thanks man this helps me :D