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 This ible is mainly for the people out there who do not have many friends and would like to make new ones young and old this ible also might help married couple get along better with the in -laws and for those people who can work legally and would like to be friends with a coworker or even the boss.

Step 1: The People Liking You Part #1

 Okay so lets form a picture you might feel that no one likes you because no one wants to hang out or invite you to a party so heres what you do start talking to people that share the same intrest as you for example I am a serious gear head so I would talk to someone that is also intrested in cars and engines and things like that. So instead of lurking around the office or classroom feeling left out try to find out what people like by asking them personally sit at their table at lunch 

Step 2: Getting People to Like You Part#2

 okay so lets say you have done what was suggested in the previous step the next step is to talk make appointments to meet and do what your new found friend/friends like to do whether it talk about stocks or play billiards and make it a weekly thing that you look forward to doing also if you set it up at first people will like you even more because they did not have to do anything besides show up. so if you like to make movies form a weekly brainstorm (assuming you found people that work or go to school with you like that but remember this is a example) and maybe film a movie together. basically my main point here is do something you all like doing and remember to bring ideas to the table also be courteous and respectful to your new friend/friends.

Step 3: Now How to Be Awesome

 it starts with the attitude so the key to an awesome attitude is that people are going to push your buttons and bug the crap out of you but no matter what you are going to quite literally not give a crap. But another key to having a awesome attitude is that you are respect the right people even the people you dont like need respect then they will stop bugging the crap out of you

Step 4: Do Not Be a People Pleaser

 the title says it all dont be a freakin brown noser

Step 5: I Know Your Parents Said It All the Time

 It does not matter if you drive the coolest car or wear the nicest clothes all that matters is your demeanor and what is on the inside

Step 6: The End

 hope this helps with your social skills 



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    don;t make me black ball you.. now, me and wonder woman have important things to vote on.


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     please leave comment if there are any misunderstanings or problems with this ible


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    Does this imply that we have social problems? I am seriously offended.  (just kidding)

    Nice ible'