How to Be Your High School Football Team's DJ




Be the leader of your Student Section!!! Pump up the crowd!!!! 

You will need:

Equipment case large enough for a Car Battery
12 volt Car Battery
properly rated Car Inverter(I recommend a 1000 watt inverter)
A MP3 or music player (Laptops, Tablets, phones etc... something with a 3.5mm jack)
Audio Adapters (Go to radioshack they have a ton of adapters)
Audio Cable
Stereo Receiver or Guitar amp or a rack mount system or all for amplification
properly rated speakers
Crimp Connectors
Trashbags, plastic bags, and/or a tarp (For rainy games!!) protect the car battery at all costs
Also an Appliance Dolly is recommend to carry all of the equipment in...

As for a music , I Highly suggest subscribing to Spotify ($9.99 a month) it is completely worth it!!!

I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injuries and deaths that may be a result of attempting to build this audio project!
Build at your own risk...

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You are responsible. Always. Just because I said so.