How to Beat: a Pox of Mox

Introduction: How to Beat: a Pox of Mox

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This is a guide to get a award for the arcade legue match: A Pox of Mox on Future Perfect. It's a little challenging, but it works.

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Step 1: First, the Gun...

Okay, first you make the two bases on your side of the base yours. Once you've done that, look around for some weapons and power-ups. The speed power-up right by the second base will come in handy; remember to grab it when ever your near it. Keep killing the mox as they come and go outside to where the hovering ship is. There's a base by there, as well as some plasma's boomage material. This is a great defence point and the mox can't get by you another way. If you continue killing the mox, one of them should eventualy bring you a plasma auto-rifle for an early birthday presant.

Step 2: Then Kill-em-all!

The plasma auto-rifle is your friend! Once you get it, you can strom into their section of the base and capture the bases! Once you've gone through and killed the mox as they come, quickly get back to the middle base and secure it again. Make sure they did'nt get into your section of the base. If they did, you know what to do, if they did'nt then go and recapture their bases as they get them back really fast.

Step 3: Then Rake in the Reward!

Then just keep repeating the process. If you die, go back to step one and find another PAR. I've only managed to get a silver doing this, but you might have better luck. I'd like to here anything you've got to say, but for now... It's time to split!

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    i would recommend taking the 2 zones in your base, going to the open docking platform, picking up the speed boost, killing ALL of the mox, then enter their base and get the zone on the walkway, go to the brigde bit and wait on your side at the top, this should give you enough time to kill the mox, enough zones to get gold atleast. justdont go under and beond the bridge, its too much risk