How to Beat Five Nights at Freddy's

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So, you want to beat the first fnaf game? Then this is the instuctable for you! This strategy is great if your trying to beat the game quickly or your just fed up with playing it.

Step 1: Avoid Loosing Power

While this may be the most obvious step, it really is important to mention. DO NOT LOOK THROUGH THE OTHER CAMERAS. This is a rookie mistake. You don't need to look at any camera besides Pirates Cove. Checking the lights is good enough, which brings us to our next step.

Step 2: Check the Lights!

As you aren't looking through the cameras to find the animatronics, you must check the lights several times each. turn them on and off in quick successions, going back and forth. If you see an animatronic at a door, close it. Wait until Chica isn't in the window and you don't see Bonnie's shadow to open the door. If the light switch or the door does not work, then congrats! An animatronic is in your room and should jump scare you when you put down your camera. If you are at 5, then you have a small chance of surviving, just don't look at the camera, and hope Foxy doesn't come after you. If Freddy is in the room then continue as normal, as he will jump scare you whenever he wants (it is randomized, so you can survive a while with him in the room sometimes).

Step 3: Check Pirates Cove

After checking the lights and making sure no animatronics are there, you must check pirates cove. This is where foxy should be. Ideally, you want the curtain closed. If you see foxy in the camera or the curtain is closed you are okay. That's what you want. If foxy has left his curtain and you can hear loud thudding noises, you wan't to quickly exit the camera and close the left door. This is extremely important. You will hear a couple sharp metallic bangs on the door then silence. When it's quiet, check the light and open the door (unless Bonnie is there). Foxy should reset to pirates cove. You can continue as normal now.

Step 4: Audial Clues

The game has few clues to what animatronics are coming. These are mostly within the games audio and can help greatly when used. Listen very carefully to the ambiance and you can learn different things. (at this point, it helps to mute the phone calls).

Step 5: You Win!

And you have won! Collect your paycheck and never return to the forsaken pizza place again!



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