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Introduction: How to Become a Crazy Dinosaur

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How to become A Crazy Dinosaur!!!!!

I was so fed up of being picked on! I am 23 years old and everywhere I go kids shriek “ Look at that skinny nerd!”!
Everybody knows me as the recluse student inventor person who falls over whilst holding bowls of custard…yes…
Well I had enough.
You know, Dinosaurs wouldn’t get picked on, they’d get respect! So I set about becoming a Jurassic reptile! With my nuclear reactor in the wash, and my time machine rusting in the shed I had little to work with, but by the Gods’; I created a second life for myself!
Wear it on the bus, to the shops, at the train station, the pub or even when you’re attending a funeral *that’s dino-dedication*

You will need:
A metre of green fleece
3 googly eyes
Teddy bear stuffing
One white oversized T-Shirt
Coloured fur
2 Odd shaped polystyrene balls
Black and white felt
Red and green cotton thread

Step 1: Making the Head 1

First of all measure your head. Take into consideration a couple of things when you do this.
1) This will be a padded head so remember it will be much thicker.
2) It’s not supposed to totally consume your head, so your head will stick out a little, YOU ARE THE ROAR-O-SAUR!
Cut out 4 pieces of fleece.
The front pieces need a mouth hole cut out. this needs to be roughly the size of your face, Don't make it too small or you'll be a blind dinosaur, or even worse a suffocated dinosaur!
When your happy with the cut pin the matching sections together.

Step 2: Making the Head 2

With the front section cut out some jagged white dino teeth from white felt. sandwhich them between the two pieces of green felt where the top and bottom of the mouth are. you can now sew it all together. I recommend starting with the mouth section first. leave a small gap in the bottom so you can stuff the sections.
These teeth wont cover your face but instead cradle your head, the ultimate fusion of human and monster!

Step 3: Making the Head 3

Add stuffing to the two sections of the dino head. This will also add to the warm and snuggley feeling. Taking the two padded parts and pin them together. Sew them good and tight. Once its together try it on before you do anything else to it.

Step 4: Making the Head 4

Get your polystyrene balls. I chose two different sizes because it makes the dinosaur look like a rabid insane monster. Simply stick your googley eyes on to them then glue them into the desired position on the front on the head.
Then take some small pieces of the green fleece and sew upper and lower eyelids over the eyeballs. This will help secure them in place and will create a buldging appearence.

Step 5: Making the Head 5

Now make some horns. Cut 4 triangular shapes from green fleece and sew together a pair. Turn them inside out and stuff them. Then sew them to the head, I matched the seam of the horns to the seam of the head for a guide.
Take some funky fur and create 2 crazy eyebrows, pin them to the eyelids and sew them on, you'll be looking pretty hot in this fancy get up!

Step 6: Making the T.Shirt 1

First buy a cheap T.Shirt! Get one that's going to be too big for you, Try Walmart or a random cheap clothing chain. Try not to get a really thin material though otherwise it might tear.

Step 7: Making the T-shirt 2

Grab yourself some webbing. I prefer webbing with this rather than toy stuffing simply because it is easier and you will have an even appearence. Be creative with your Dino shape. I chose a T.rex, because nobody gets all up in his face!
Place the webbing shape down onto some folded green fleece and cut around it, leave about a 1cm boarder around the webbing so they will sew together well. When the webbing is concealed you should have your Dino.

Step 8: Making the T-shirt 3

Glue some decorative felt spikes down onto your t-shirt and sew your dinosaur down, directly onto it. Now you can have some fun decorating it.
Add some teeth, claws, eyelids, eyebrows and a googley eye.....

Step 9: Making the T-shirt 4

Now for some text! This will let everybody know what you are, and what you're all about!
Cut out some rough, primative, punky felt letters. Don't be afraid to give it a childish appearence, I thought it made the T-shirt look more fun like this.
I chose ROAR-O'-SAUR
But I was also considering dinoroar.
Glue the letters down, and the front of the T-shirt is complete. Now for the back....

Step 10: Making the T-shirt 5

Cut a tail shape from green fleece and sew it tightly together. Turn it inside out and stuff it with toy stuffing. Make sure to really cram stuffing in to make it sturdy.
Get some more funky fur and add it as a trim to both the base of the tail and the neck collar of the T-shirt.

Step 11: Making the T-shirt 6

Now turn the T-shirt over on to it's front and tightly sew the tail in the bottom area, get it centred. You can either secure it tight so that it remains perked up, or like me you can leave it loose so you can wag that dino-tail.

Step 12: Mittens 1

You can't be a dinosaur without those dinopaws. Make a template for your hands whilst in a mitten position. Cut out a 4 mitten shapes from green fleece and sew your pair, turning them both inside out when done.

Step 13: Mittens 2

Get more of that way out fur and create cuffs. Each mitten should need just one single rectangle of fur each. tuck the edges under as you sew, this will stop the fur from where you originally cut from getting everywhere.

Step 14: Mittens 3

Cut some claws from black felt and glue them onto the upper side of the mittens. Then make some little felt pads for the palm side. If you want put a toy squeak beneath the hearts and so when you clap you squeak. But I didn't do it, Im not cute I AM CRAZY!!!!


Put on the gear and become the dinosaur. You will be feared!
Here are some tips:
1)Jump on little children and eat their teddies. Make sure to rattle pushchairs and roar in the kids faces at the same time.
2) Stomp around alot, this will make you seem big and powerful.
3) Destroy things smaller than you, but climb things you can't break!
5) Take pictures of yourself acting up and make posters declaring your war on humans. Plaster them around the place. This will make you feared!
6) Finally, have fun and mark your teritory. Spray people with orange juice, They belong to you now.......

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    7 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Wow. This Dino costume so cool.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i love it!

    do the mittens stay on? i made arm-length sleeves for my cartoon violence costume (also on instructables) and had to keep them on with rubberbands under my shirt sleeves.

    also, if you get a roar o' saur guy to join you in dressing up in something like this, you might consider adding a pink and black tie to the attire!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I never met a cuddly raptor before though, they bite your toes like arghhhhh