How to Make Flatware (spoon and Forks) Bracelets





Introduction: How to Make Flatware (spoon and Forks) Bracelets

I love to re-purpose old flatware into wearable works of art.  Here's how I do it.

Step 1:

I choose 2 matching pieces of flatware.

Step 2:

I pound it flat on the anvil portion of my vise.

Step 3:

I bend it with the flatware bender.  Purchased at

Step 4:

Here's a bunch that have been bent, and some that have been cut to length.  I like to make my bracelet sections 2 3/4" long.

Step 5:

I smooth the cut edge with my mini grinder.

Step 6:

Using a center punch, I mark where I'm going to drill the hole.

Step 7:

I drill out one hole on each end of the piece.  1/16" drill bit works for me.  I use a drill press vice to hold the piece in place while it's being drilled.

Step 8:

I use my dremel tool to clean and dress the drilled holes.  This makes everything smooth.

Step 9:

I buff and polish the sections with my full size bench grinder that have buffing/polishing wheels attached, or I also use a dremel flex shaft with the felt buffing wheels.  That's nice to get into the designs and gets the backside really well.

Step 10:

The piece on the left is before polishing, the piece on the right is polished and ready for the next step.

Step 11:

These pieces are ready for assembly

Step 12:

I get all my findings together and ready to assemble.  I hand wire the beads that are going to be used as the focal point of the bracelet.

Step 13:

I flux and solder each jump ring for added security.  I use a "third hand" to hold the piece for soldering.

Step 14:

I give it a final polish with Renaissance polish.  This helps to protect the piece and keep it from tarnishing.  Now this bracelet is ready for it's new owner!

Step 15:

We've come a long way since my father invented this tool. Check us out at



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    15 Discussions

    An 18" bolt cutter. We have a lot of videos on YouTube. Flatwearable Artisan Jewelry

    thanks for the great tutorial.think I will have to amass some flatware because I love new techniques and the tools to help your job get to the creative side. keep up your creativeness!

    1 reply

    I LOVE your bracelets! I already have one made from a spoon that I purchased in Mexico. When I wear it I break out in a rash. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

    2 replies

    You are allergic to the nickel. Clear nail polish is usually the best thing you can do to coat the areas that touch your skin.

    Try coating the inside with clear fingernail polish.

    Where can I buy this device and how much is it or could i have instructions in how it make it

    I'm very interested in your instructions. I've been making Jewerly from the same flatware that you use from in the 70's and I sell some and make it for friends. Never have seen the metal bender . I use a method from the 70's. Would love to exchange some emails on on instructable with you

    1 reply

    Awesome, thank you :)

    Thanks Smalfrii for your comments. I have re-written the tutorial to be more clear on how I make my bracelets.

    Hi there! This seems like a really neat tool, and I was super excited to figure out how to make one for personal use... But there aren't any instructions :/ I totally get that you have to advertise products somewhere, but here probably isn't the best idea.

    Love the tool though, just wish I could make one.