How to Bolt the Foldy Mech on a Razor Pro Scooter




Introduction: How to Bolt the Foldy Mech on a Razor Pro Scooter

You are probably wondering what the hell is a foldy mech well its just a shorter word for the little lever you push down and that makes it fold.
There are good things about the foldy mech like 1-the most obvious you can fold it,but over time it bends from constant use.
But not if you bolt it which is what I'm going to teach you how to do.
If you do it right then it will be even better then before.

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Step 1: Materials

1-Razor PRO model scooter.
2-Regular tools (screwdriver,wrench,etc).
3-Most important---  1    3/8 inch bolt, Has to be 3 inches long. 1 of these.  with nuts. lol but seriously
4-Most important---  2     5/16 inch bolts, Has to be 3 inches long. 2 of these. with nuts.
5- 6 lock washers + 6 regular washers
Thats all
I went to home depot to get the parts and it came out around 6 bucks which is really expensive for just 3 bolts and some washers. But it is extremely worth it.

Step 2: Take Out Old Hardware

1-push the first pin out
2-you have to bend the carter pins up with a screw driver and then it just slides off
look at the pictures for help

Step 3: Install New Hardware

1-get your new bolts
2- Put 2 lock washers and 2 regular washers on every bolt.
3-Slide the bolts thru the foldy mech in this order---
lock washer,washer,other side of bolt -washer, lock washer
Just look at the pictures you dummies

Step 4: Tighten It Like Never Before

Just put the socket on and the wrench and tighten the bolts pretty tight .
Ride away

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    4 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    dam i need help to bolt my scolter some one help me or call me at 1347-982-1537


    10 years ago on Step 3

    IM currently bolting my new razor pro now and ive done some but how do u get the peice out on the lower bolt


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i think your talking about the carter pin.
    It looks like a little horseshoe you just put a screwdriver and hammer it under the carter pin and it should bend then pop off.
    if you look at the picture.
    You put the screwdriver right in between were the carter pin stops and just pry it off.
    its hard too explain but im sure you'll get it.
    just reply if you have any questions

    Foldy Mech Mod 002.jpg