How to Booby Trap a Door to Get Someone Wet on April Fool's Day!

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With Spring almost here, that means April Fool's Day will follow. Here's a simple door booby trap you can set up for that very day. It's very fun to set up and funny watching your victims get wet.

Check out the screen shots of the instructional video that will guide you all the way to setting up this easy practical joke.

All you really need is a Turkey Baster!

Step 1: Setting Up!

Follow the instructions on the images provided or better yet, watch the instructional video by CLICKING HERE!!!

Step 2: The Prank!

The result can be very funny depending if whether your victim can take a joke, if not don't prank the wrong people, but anyway.... In order for this prank to work perfectly, you have to leave the door opened and for anyone to get wet they have to shut the door on their way out. When that happens they'll be sprayed with really cold, red liquid. They so won't expect it, even on April Fool's Day!



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