How to Brew Beer Using a Beer Kit

Introduction: How to Brew Beer Using a Beer Kit

For your home-brew you need

  • beer kit
  • fermenting bucket, airlock and tap
  • sanitizer

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Step 1: Sanitize Your Equipment

  1. put all of the brewing equipment in the fermenting bucket
  2. add sanitizer and mix it accordingly with water

Step 2: Dissolve Contents of Your Beer Kit

3. Dissolve the content of your beer kit according to the instruction

Step 3: Mix With Water

4. Add the dissolved contents of the beer kit in the fermenting bucket which is filled with cold water (amount depends on the beer kit you are using)

Step 4: Add Yeast

5. add yeast

6. put the top on the fermenting bucket and wait for 30 minutes, then stir

Step 5: Fermentation Starts

7. close the fermenting bucket and fill the airlock with boiled water

8. let the mix rest according to the instructions of your beer kit

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    A tip from my late father, 24hours after fermentation starts take the lid off and with a sterilised non metal spoon remove the layer of scum, this will stop it making your beer go sour.