How to Build a CD-DJ / Laptop Stand for 20€




Make your DIY CD-DJ or laptop stand with a lcd-tv wall mount, the leg of a bed and the help of IKEA. Easy & cheap.

Step 1: Get What You Need

Go to IKEA and buy a "Komplement shoe rack" for 5�.

Buy a tft-lcd screen wall mount like this, the cheapest one, 9�. The ones more expensive are not valid to this purpose!

Buy a leg for beds. 3�

Buy one screw that suits the big hole on the leg (usually used for the wheel). four screws to fix the leg to a surface. and some screws to fix the tft mount to the IKEA's platform. 3� or less.

Step 2: Fixing Tft Mount to the Leg.

Separate the two parts of the stand (one should be usually used to be fixed to a wall and the other to the screen), make a big hole with a drill in the center of the wall part. Then screw it strongly to the leg.

Step 3: Fixing Tft Mount to IKEA's Komplement Shoe Rack

Use the screws to fix the screen part of the tft-mount to Komplement shoe rack, you can use the holes or you can make new ones.

Step 4: You Got It!

Join the two parts of the tft mount and then screw the holes on the leg to a surface.

That's all.

You can use it for cd-dj o for your laptop. Enjoy it!



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    It's very nice when we could view such a easy project like this! I will try to build one for me too! Sadly, we don't have IKEA here in Rio de Janeiro - Brasil, but i will try to find the stuff that is needed. Thanks for the idea! As soon as i finish mine, i'll post it too. See ya.


    7 years ago on Step 4

    That is very cool!!! Like it.