How to Build a Fortificated City in Minecraft

Introduction: How to Build a Fortificated City in Minecraft

Hello, and welcome to my first Instructable that was created for the "Minecraft Contest". In this Instructable, instead of just showing you something that I just made with a couple of friends without giving you anything Instructions, I thought I could be much more helpful showing you how I build the major parts of the city. From the Wall itself, to one of the buildings, it just wouldn't be fair to you people not to show anyone. But, enough with the small talk though, and on to the instructions. Lucky for you, I recorded the building process, the bad news is that it was three hours worth of footage, and I didn't have the time to compile, and edit all of that footage so bit, by bit, I am going to paste links to the unedited videos of the build to the comment section; if you would like to see everything that we built, and didn't go into detail about.

On another note, world edit was not used in this project

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Step 1: Building Your Buildings

For the building that I chose to document, I chose the small farm house, for it is small, and easy to reproduce, while still giving you the basic idea of how the majority of the buildings that I was responsible for building were built.

1. First you should always begin with drawing out the frame work of your house, for this one I just wanted a simple little farm house, so I just made it a rectangle, I put sideways logs to made the ground border, and built up my corner logs up as high as I wanted my ceiling to be

2. I then went a head, and connected stone brick to the corners of the house to have a buffer between the corners of the house, and the windows the I went an built so that during the day it fills with natural light.

3. For the roof, I usually build it with stairs, but this house was so small I thought it would look nicer with a simple half slab roof, with some lime colored clay to decorate the roof

4. Break some holes in the house where you want your doors to be, and you got a shell to fill to your heart's content.

Step 2: Building a Fountain

The fountain building process began with finding a suitable place in the city to place a fountain; where people would normally walk by it so that they could marvel in it's glory. So I built it in the semi- center of the city, and began building.

1. First I mapped the fountain out with a small circle, for I wanted a circular fountain ( if you do not know how to make circles in Minecraft, please Google " Minecraft Circle Chart' that will sufficiently aid you in the creation of this fountain

2. In the center of the circle I built up a small tower up four blocks, ( I chose four blocks because I wanted a small fountain, do not be afraid to experiment with your own fountain size)

3. I then put stairs all around the fountain to give it a more decorative feel, and to also utilize the new-ish stair placement

4. Change the blocks underneath the fountain to stone brick, as well as putting four stairs around the inner pillar, if you put six around, it just won't look as pretty

5. Grab a bucket of water, and pour it on the top block of the fountain to give you a quaint, formal fountain.

Step 3: Building Daylight Sensing Lampposts

These lampposts are great to have, in order to give whatever you are building a life during the twilight

1. Make a three block post in the ground

2. Put a redstone block on top, then continue to put four stairs around the redstone block, touching each surface

3. Put a redstone lamp on top of each stair

4.Now you need to put a sticky piston on top of an air block so that their is a gap in the middle of the lamp for the piston to extend into

5. Put a daylight sensor on top of the piston, and normal stairs on top of the redstone lamps, and you got yourself a light sensitive lamppost

Step 4: Building Decorative Tied- Down Logs

I am not really going to go into super detail with these, they are the most basic thing I had to build, and are comprised of four, three long sideways logs with tracks over them to make them look like they are tied down.

Step 5: How to Make Fortified Wall

Most people settle for simple, boring, and plain stone brick walls to protect their citizens from harm, but when I build a wall, I go all out making sure that my wall wouldn't go out with out a fight, and look stylish at the same time

* Side Note: When you decide where this wall of your is being built, and there is a lava pool in the way, make sure you completely cover it, by this I mean don't just cover the top of it, and forget, but get in there and put a block over each lava source or you may face some disasters (Like having to rebuild part of a wall twice because of fire damage, and stupidity).

1. Map out the area you are building over with a one block high perimeter around whatever you are protecting ( when I mapped out my wall it was a completely random shape, that is fine, most things are not perfect shapes, and the perimeter of the wall is no exception.

2. Make the high as high as you would like ( I built my wall over a hilly area, so just make sure the wall is at least four blocks high in the most raised area.

3. Put a layer of unrefined wood on top of the wall, and on top of that every other block put a piece of the same wood making a sort of ridged design.

4. Now wherever you put the additional piece of wood on the wall. put a column it front of it, in front of the wall, but exactly one below the original piece of raised wood ( if I have just confused you, please look at the photos)

5. Put a stair normal on top of the column, and upside down in between

6. Put a half slab in between the top wood, and a fence post torch on top, and your done with the basics, what I like to the do is put a sideways unrefined wood in between the wood column to give it a more rustic feel, and overall feels to your wall, and to give it the feeling of completion

Step 6: Extra- the Castle That Our Best Builder Made

This was built slightly before the one that we worked on so there is no instructions on this one, I just thought it would be interesting to show, for it used a few of the same ideas that we used to build the Fortified City

Thank you for checking out my Instructable, and please vote for me in the "Minecraft Contest

If you have an questions, or concerns with my Instructable please leave a comment

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    Sadly, since I don't have a very powerful computer,(which has been degrading faster than expected) most of the footage I got has been corrupted. I will try my best to save what I can, but I can't make any promises

    yes, but I liked the idea of this wall being built in an age a wood, and stone where people would not have access to materials better than that, wood is just decorative, and historically accurate for reinforcing walls. But, all in all, I completely see what you're saying, it's a fire hazard, and not the best for a siege


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I'm sorry I didn't write that comment but I love your walls! Even if they are mainly decorative it still would have worked pretty good.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Completely understandable, and thank you for the compliment! Even thought the wood is decorative, people used to use logs to reinforce their walls. I said that It wouldn't be good for a siege, only because during the building process the walls actually burst into flames, which is it's one downfall, but would not breach the wall anyways.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I agree! but my brother is always saying that "It's not strong enough" and "I could build a better wall than that" Usually I don't make stuff like this. I stick to redstone and every time we fight I win because I can use commands properly. :)