Introduction: How to Build a POTATO LAUNCHER

Learn how to build your own POTATO LAUNCHER with parts you can get at your local hardware store.



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    What would be the cost of making this project. Is it worth making it for a school project?

    Danger: See link: This is not spam, but a warning. PVC will fail suddenly after a while. This was band member that hurt badly by a T-Shirt launcher explosion.

    See the pictures and never use PVC to hold air, Please.

    Dude DO NOT PUT THE propellent IN FIRST .You could nudge the ignition while trying to get a spud in and BYE BYE HAND thats rally dangerous. plz for your own safety put the propellent in last .

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    Please Friend! I beg you to tell me how to create the spark ignitor you created. I could'nt figure it out. Please I' m in a desperate need for such a great one. Science fair is near and i don't know a way to create an eco-friendly ignitor like yours

    just a tip never combine whit pvc and black pvc it could end up being faulty and u might blow your face off just incase you didnt know the the two dont stick

    DO NOT ,I repeat, DO NOT EVER PUT YOUR IGNITOR ON THE END CAP! This is for two reasons One, It weakens the integrity of the end cap Two, If you drop the gun on its end , it may fire accidentaly!

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    Im thinking of making my first instructable and it will be how to make a potato launcher out of 3 things you would need a hollow pipe, a potato and a pipe which isnt hollow
    Get the hollow pipe and push it into the potato which will make a peice of potato which looks like a shotgun shell
    Do the same with the other end, so both ends are plugged with potato's.
    Now get the not-hollow tube and push one bit of the potato near the other and the air pressure will build up and fire one bit of the potato, if anyone try's this please tell me the results because as soon as i get the peices i will make an instructable!

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    i read this comment last night and then tried it today the results were shameful i filled a pipe with silicon and pushed it in to the slightly bigger pipe and it went only about 5 metres which is good but then when i droped it from my balcony solid pipe towards the ground it went about 15 metres in the air so your idea did work but only when taken to a slightly bigger scale then my friend was happy with wat had just happened so we put it on a fence post and lashed it there really tight then we tied a car tire to our paddock basher and drove at the solid pipe end and it went about 60 metres so it worked even better on a heaps larger scale kudos to you on your idea

    hey thx now i would make my first instructables!!:D yeahh ... kinding jeje but you better dont say your ideas too fast, somebody can stole them ·_· jeje