How to Build a Basic Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Introduction: How to Build a Basic Bathroom Wall Cabinet

The bathroom in the basement of our home is a half bath and could use just a little more storage space. The previous owner built in some cabinets around the sink and used very basic construction with pine and painted the project. It looks very basic but clean. I continue this look with the building of this cabinet.

The material I am using is re-purposed material from a shelf cabinet of sorts that we bought somewhere along the way. It was home made by someone and used approx 12 inch wide planks of pine. When cleaned up and sanded this material is flat and largely knot free. This will work excellent for a painted project. A cabinet is a great beginner project and I think pocket hole joinery was invented for this purpose! Face frames are a perfect application for pocket holes. Strong and fast and when done correctly largely not visible when complete. I even used pocket hole screws to fasten the cabinet box to the face frame. I did glue a piece of 1/4 material over the one end that would be visible to cover the pocket hole screws on this part. I did not record that in the video. In the end I think it looks fine… I think I may eventually change out the dark hinges for a brushed nickel. I had these on hand so I used them for now. Everything to make this project was already on hand in my shop waiting to be used.

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