How to Build a Bench

Introduction: How to Build a Bench

Do you need help building a bench?

Follow these instructions to learn how. 

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Step 1: Materials

Gather materials

5: 14 1/2 2X4
2: 14 1/2 1X2
Extra Long Screws
2: 2'X4'X90"
3: 2X4X8 (deck wood)
4: 4'X4'X18"

Step 2: Lets Begin

Lay out wood
Measure and cut wood to engths

Step 3: Base of Bench

Begin making the base by taking two 4X4 (legs) and the 4X18 inch piece of wood. Nail the board to the outside of the two legs. Look at picture for help.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Do the last step again with the other two legs and the other 18in. board.

Step 5: Stand Up Tall

Now take the two sets of legs and stand them up.

Step 6:

Take the 90 in. board and attach it to one leg to the opposite leg. Look at picture for help.

Step 7:

Do the same thing on the opposite side of the legs.

Now take the other three 14.5 inch board, and put them perpendicular in the middle of the two sets of 90 inch wood evenly spaced out. 

Step 8: Tighten the Legs

Now take the two 1X2X14.5" and drill them at the end of the bench, attaching the two legs together making them more sturdy. 

Step 9: Top of Bench

Take the 3 8 foot boards and place them on top of the bench. Each board should have one inch between the other board. The boards should overhang on each side by 2.75"

Add 10 screws to each plank of wood, securing the bench even more. 

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