How to Build a Catapult -TJ & Menelik


4x8 (2 catapults/sheets) SketchUp

Illustrator (optional)


Shop bot CNC

Drill, String's, Screws, Staple gun, Wood glue, Cups, Saw, and Elastic bands,

We wanted our catapult to have an adjustable stopping bar to control how much distance we got from the projectile. Also, we built a strong base so that it wouldn't wobble. We tried to add as much tension to the lever as possible to get the most power out from it. We used elastic bands and twisted rope to hold the lever and tension. So thats our catapult.

1) Make a 4'x4'x3/4' "plywood" on SketchUp

2) Design your catapult 3D on SketchUp

3) Flattened to 2D.

4) Export to Dxf (Pdf)

5) Vcarve Illustrator

6) Run CNC ShopBot

7) Assemble with the tools provided.

Step 1:



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