How to Build a Desktop Soldering Station

Introduction: How to Build a Desktop Soldering Station

Here is a very useful tool to use if you want to be able to not only solder places other than a work shop but also if you need a way for items being soldered to be held in place for a optimal soldering job.

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Step 1: Gathering the Supplies and Tools


- a tape measure or ruler
- a Philips screw driver
-  a Square and straight edge
- a Saw (not shown) 
- a Drill or Drill press (not shown)
- a pair of Pliers (not shown)
- a Drill bit the same size as wire (not shown)


- 1/2 inch wood screws
- 2 9.5" lengths of 8 to 12 gauge wire
- 2  medium alligator clips
- 1 metal strap or aluminum tube larger than shaft of soldering iron
- 1 strip of aluminum as wide as metal strap (not needed if using aluminum tube)
- 1 6" length of 1x1
- 1 7" length of 2x1

Now lets get started! 

Step 2: Assembling the Hands

We will start by taking the 6" 1x1 strip and drilling 2 holes about a 1/2" in from the ends.

Now, we will take and drill a hole about 1 1/2" in from each end.

Next, we will take a larger drill bit and widen out the holes up until about half way down with the out side 2 hole being widened out on the bottom of the piece and the 2 inside hole being widened on the top (see figures. 1 and 2)

Now on to the hands, we will start by cutting 2 strips of wire about 9.5" long and then crimping the alligator clips to one end of each wire. (figure. 3)

Next, we will take the ends of the wire without alligator clips through the holes on the outside edges of the 1x1. (figure.4) we will then take the ends of the wire and bend it into a hook and then bend it side ways. (figures 5 and 6) Next take pliers and psh the end of the wire into the enlarged hole in the 1x1. (figure. 7) to finish it off you can take hot glue and fill in the extra space to help hole the wire in place. (figure. 8)

Step 3: Now to Assemble the Soldering Iron Holder

Now, on to the holder of the epic tool called the soldering iron.

We will start by taking the 7" 2x1 and making a cut 4" down from one end leaving us 3 inches left over for the base of the holder. (figure. 9)  Now line up the 4" and 3" pieces so that the 4" piece is standing up right. (figure. 10) Once a lined  mark  the 4" piece at the top of the 3" piece. (figure. 11) Now drill 2 holes about 1/2" in from each side in between the line and the bottom. (figure. 12) You can them widen the hole half way through the 4" piece to counter sink the screw. (figure. 13)  Then take and mark the holes on the end of the 3" piece and drill holes that are smaller around than the screws used. (not shown) Next take the 4" piece  and screw it  to the 3" piece to make a wooden L. (figures 14 and 15)

Now onto the strap to hold the soldering iron

Start  by taking the metal strap and setting it on the aluminum strip and marking and drilling out hole for the screw to go though.(figure. 16) Now take and scre the strap to the 4" piece of the L at an upward angle.(figures 17 and 18)

Another option is to take an 3" aluminum tube and drilling 2 holes an inch apart in the center and then drilling the outside hole larger in order to fit the screw thought to the other side to screw it in place.(not shown)

Step 4: Finishing It All Up

To finish this project off we will make the base and mount every thing to it.

To start we will use the square, straight edge , and tape measure to measure and cut a piece of wood 11"x 9.5"  we will use this as a base to attach everything to as well as to allow you to solder on things like a kitchen table or a desk. (figures 19 and 20 )

We will now attach the helping hands to the base by using those 2 inner screw hole we put in earlier. (figure.  21) Next we will drill the holes in the soldering iron holder and widen them to counter sink the screws. (figure. 22) Finally we will attach the holder to the base in the top corner of the base board. (figure 23)

Now you have finished your very own helping hands soldering station.

Please let me know of any suggestions. 

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