How to Build a Lightning Bolt

1 large cardboard box
1 roll of masking tape
yellow paint
gold paint
hot glue

Step 1. Sketch the desired shape of the lightning bolt onto a flat piece of cardboard
Step 2. Cut out the lightning bolt
Step 3. Trace the original lightning bolt and cut out a second one
Step 4. Using a table saw, cut multiple strips of cardboard 2" wide
Step 5. Cut the strips so they are equal with the length of each side
Step 6. Glue the cut strips to their corresponding side a right angle (keep the glue on the inside)
Step 7. Glue in small strip bracers on the inside
Step 8. Glue the other lightning bolt shaped piece on top (like a lid)
Step 9. Wrap the whole lightning bolt in masking tape
Step 9. Mix the yellow and gold paint to the desired color
Step 10.  Paint every surface of the lightning bolt
Step 11. Sprinkle the desired amount of glitter on each surface


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