How to Build a Luexon Lightsaber




Introduction: How to Build a Luexon Lightsaber

Have you ever wanted a lightsaber. You cant have an exact replica, but you can build a lightsaber cheaply and a close replica. You will need these following items. Solder, slodering iron, hot glue gun' dremel,lightsaber hilt or PVC ,luexon led, batteries battery holder,switch,PolyC tube,JB weld,blade film or corbinfilm, end cap, luexon led holder,time, rubber washer(optional), a screw,tape, spray paint, soundboard, and a colimator lens. Most can be bought on TCSS the custom saber shop. IF you dont have a soldering iron you can use a hot glue gun.

Step 1: The Blade

Parts needed- Soldering iron and solder,led with holder, hot glue gun,switch, hilt, batteries, battery holder,blade film,colimator lens, and end cap.

First take a rod and wrap your film around it. Next insert the rod into the blade. Insert the film inside the blade. Pop the cap onto the end of the blade. Glue the LED to the holder. Drill a hole in your hilt where your awitch is to go. Place the switch in the hold and then solder it to the battery and the LED. DO NOT STARE DIRECTLY AT THE LED IT IS A TYPE OF LASER AND CAN HURT YOUR EYES.

Step 2: The Hilt (for PVC)

Draw a diagram and cut it out with a dremel. Drill holes where you want knobs and using a screw hold the rubber washer in. Cut any grooves and customize your hilt , but make sure it is a good hilt an balanced. Once your hilt is finished you can paint it, I would wrap tape around it because PVC and spray paint dont stick. Put your soundboard in along with your batteries. Attach your blade to the hilt. If the blade does not fit use JB weld and a coupling let the JB weld dry for 16 hours DO NOT TOUCH IT UNLESS YOU WANT A CROOKED BLADE.

Step 3: Finishing Steps

Attach the blade to the hilt and test it. The lightsaber is complete

Step 4: Finish

Your lightsaber is done you can impress your friends and make them one. Be careful when getting your lightsaber near water. You now have a replica and it was cheap and hopefully you learned. This is a good craft for a weekend and a great project for any star wars fans.

Step 5: Sound

There are different types of soundboards the obsibian is a great sound board or you can use hasbro soundboards out of a fx lightsaber. You can watch the video of what the hasbro sound is like.

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    5 Discussions


    Amazing! I would love to see it in the dark at night! it would be cool to reenact the "I am your father" part of star wars! Also can you put some were how much it would coast to do this project. But grate ibl'

    Roland S
    Roland S

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    it depends on how you decide to build it. You can build a pvc hilt or use the hilt builder on tcss. The hilt will be anywhere from 50- 300 dollars. The blade, film, led, lens, end cap will be about 50 dollars. You should go to tcss and look. I cant tell you the exact price because it is your custom lightsaber.

    Roland S
    Roland S

    5 years ago on Introduction

    The lightsaber doesnt look like the picture I broke my camera and had to use a webcam it looks cooler than the picture.