How to Build a Mini Lightsaber!

This is how to build one like me! Its also really easy.... like 8 steps i think.

Step 1: Parts and Pieces

You need: 2 nerf darts with no tips, A clear Bic pen cap, a bic pen shell, and a thing. I have no idea what it was, but it was a prize in frosted flakes. If ur all techy, the just take a pvc pipe and stick a red LED inside of it.

Step 2: Stick Clear Pen Cap Over LED Light and Fasten Down.

Fasten it over the LED, so you can slide the nerf dart over it.

Step 3: Gettting First Nerf Dart On

Just slide the nerf dart over it. Simple as that :).

Step 4: Slide Cut Pen Tube Into Nerf Dart.

Slide it in.

Step 5: Slide Last Nerf Dart Over the Pen Tube.

Slide it on.

Step 6: You Are Finished!

Take your lightsaber into a place and show it off. Whee!



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