How to Build a Nice Designed Front Door With a Window at the Side.

Introduction: How to Build a Nice Designed Front Door With a Window at the Side.

This instructable will show you how to build an awesome and well designed frost door with a side window.

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Step 1: The Base of the Door.

You can create the base of the door by getting the grey (4 X 10) Lego, and then place the 2 Blue (2 X 4) Lego's above each other.

Step 2: Placing the Window.

There is a cubic shaped red Lego with a built in yellow window in it. Place that above the Blue base. Now we have a WINDOW. 

Step 3: Placing the Door

Obtain the blue cubic (2 X 4) door shaped Lego and place it right next to the blue Lego above the grey base. Now you do have a door and window at the same height. Also obtain a single (2 X 2) blue Lego and put it right next to the door, just to complete the base design.

Step 4: Placing the Roof

Obtain 1 yellow (2 X 8) Lego and 2 yellow (2 X 4). Place them above the Window and the door, where each Lego should be placed on a half.

Step 5: Extra Roof Design

For some extra design to the roof, Obtain 1 red (2 X 8) Lego and 2 blue (2 X 2) and place the Red Lego exactly in the middle of the yellow roof, 1 step away from front and 1 step away from the back. Then Place the blue Lego's apart, each one of them should be 1 step away from the side.

Finally, You have a good designed and awesome front door with a window next to it.

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