How to Build a Radio Out of an Altoids Mint Bin




Introduction: How to Build a Radio Out of an Altoids Mint Bin

Have you ever wanted to listen to music but you don’t have an radio? well now you can have a really cool recyclable radio. This radio is made out of an Altoid tin, padding, and last but not least headphones. This radio is a convenient way to listen to music from your ipod and a easy way to carry it around. This is also a way to keep your ipod safe in a tin can with padding so you don’t misplace it or drop it.

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Step 1: Materials

-Altoids can
-soda can holder
-thread and needle 
-wire clippers
-hot glue/super glue

Step 2: Step One

remove the speakers and cut the cords to the length of the Altoids can 

Step 3: Step Two

Lay the wires flat and tape them in the can so they don't move as much 

Step 4: Step Three

Measure the padding (for padding you can use a drink holder) and mark holes for your speaker 

Step 5: Step Four

Once you are done and satisfied with how the speakers look (the padding is glued down) now you can position the speakers 

Step 6: Step Five

Its all done! you can add anything to spice up your speaker and make it yours 

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    5 years ago

    Well its a good idea, but it should be relabeled to "altoids tin ipod speakers". Thankyou for the 'ible though!