How to Build a Router Table for Woodworking for Under $10 in 10 Minutes

Introduction: How to Build a Router Table for Woodworking for Under $10 in 10 Minutes

About: Warren is owner of I create entertaining woodworking videos on YouTube | Self confessed Woodworking Nut | Me-Mo and may have an addiction to woodworking tools.

Learn how to build a router table for Woodworking for under $10 in this woodworking video for beginners. This simple router table is a good starting point for people who are learning woodworking or even the professional looking for a quick site setup. For more woodworking tutorial videos please subscribe to our channel. —————————-

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Step 1: Project Images



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    Another nice one - also liked your workbench build - keep them coming

    I'm a new woodworker and just got a skill router and a craftsman table for 5 bucks at a yard sale. Seems to work great so far. Thanks for the tips.

    2 replies

    Great Instructable! In 5 minutes you have removed the mystery of the router table for me. I'll be rummaging through my scrap wood tomorrow to gather the necessary elements. I can't wait! And I can't thank you enough!

    1 reply