How to Build a Simple Rabbit Hutch





Introduction: How to Build a Simple Rabbit Hutch

How to make a simple, inexpensive rabbit hutch without breaking the bank.



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    If this is for all day outside use, I think it needs a piece of plyboard on top so the rabbit can sit in the shade in an open area with ventilation. Because rabbits really don't do well in hot sun or heat. Wild Rabbits really go underground in the heat of the day in burrows where its cool so sun on a hot day isn't good for them.

    Well done. I like the use of the plastic tote to make a cozy cubbie for the rabbit.

    Nice hutch. I did a similar one that worked well too. I used 2"x2" instead of 2"x4" to make it lighter and put the wire on the inside because the rabbits chewed the wood on the first one. I also put the large mesh wire on the floor so the grass could come up through but the rabbits couldn't dig down through.