How to Build a Wall From Recycled Bottles





Introduction: How to Build a Wall From Recycled Bottles

Backyard project - instructions for building a wall from recycled bottles. Part of incredible landscaping project



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    I used room temp water and baking soda let sit for 45 min and labels came off in one piece...didnt need to use goo be gone or anything...Used a large bucket on deck and let them soak in baking soda and hose water... worked great.

    this is great. ive wanted to do this for a very long time. the bug and water comment was something that worried me but i had one other if you could comment. because the rebar is 1/2" and the holes are 3/4" im sure that makes it easier to slide the bottle down the line but what about the extra space. do they flop back and forth or rattle in the wind at all. i was contemplating finding a rubber like material to put on both ends to eliminate that.

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    Rattling is not a problem water n bugs are not a problem. Some spider webs easy to clean. I used vinegar to wash them once this summer which kills anything tempted to live inside

    the video shows us removing the labels, drilling the bottles and sliding them on to rebar, and setting them in a wooden frame.

    Ours is installed like fence posts. Use at least 4x4 wood frame (to handle the weight) drill top holes a little deeper than you need so you can slide rebar up and in, then rest in bottom holes. Don't know about bugs yet, washers are supposed to help keep water out we'll see...

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    Nice project! Can you explain a little more about making the frame and securing the rebar in it? Also, do bugs and rainwater collect in the bottles or are the rubber gaskets sufficient to prevent that?