How to Build an Acoustic Panel




There is a need for acoustic panels to be set up in the home or office buildings. They are made so that they dampen the noise reflections in the room. They can be made out of many materials which absorb noise and do not let it reflect back into the room. There is a difference between noise and sound. Sound is pleasing to hear but whereas noise is a very unpleasant form of sound.

Here is an instructable that should guide u through the rest of the process of constructing an acoustic panel.

Step 1: Make a Frame

You can make a frame with wood pieces as they look really good and the appeal will suite every home décor. Depending on what size and what shape you want the panel to be, cut the sides accordingly.

Step 2: Tools Needed

Here are the tools you need to screw the frame in place. You will need a drill and screws, along with wood glue. A simple way of setting the wood together is to place the wood on the ground in the shape you want to make.

Step 3: Installing Materials

. You can now cut a poly sheet and install it on the frame, so that it fits the frames outer edge completely. Now cut a piece of insulation so that it fits inside the frame snuggly.

Step 4: Attach a Fabric

You can now attach a fabric over your frame. Get a piece of good looking fabric and place the frame inside with 10 inches of space all around. Now wrap the fabric over the entire frame. Trim any excess, which looks bad.

Step 5: Hanging the Frame

Now hang the frame in such a place where the speakers are pointing. The idea is to hang the frame directly in front of the speakers. That way the noise and all of the reflections will be absorbed, leaving a good acoustically tuned room.

This was a really simple design and can be done by anyone anywhere.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    The end product looks very nice. A nice, well-built instructable.