How to Build an Arc Reactor Mark 1 Style

Introduction: How to Build an Arc Reactor Mark 1 Style


Ok lets get started,


I spend 3 day's building this arc reactor ..well not whole day's, I made this during the week in my spare time after work, I work in a hardware store and stumbled on a "how to make an arc reactor tutorial " video last week and it fascinated me so during work hours I was wandering around in the store looking for materials that might come in handy on building this arc reactor.

How to get started:

1st I looked up some ironman images of the arc reactor
2nd I looked for materials that might be useful, the things you should look for are:
- LED'S blue or white color
- a glass or plastic see-true ring
- some plastic rings although metal would give it a nice reality touch but keep in mind that this will make the object heavier
- electrical wire
- cardboard
- 9v battery or 12v depending on LED'S
- cardboard
- black and silver paint
- all the basic tools such as scizors, superglue <--- very usefull, etc
3rd I made up a plan in my head on how I could bring theese parts togheter ( that's right I dont draw everything down cause its a waste of time. aslong if you are motivated and going 100% for it
you won't need to draw up plan).

step 4 try and put everything together without glue, see if it looks good then construct it !
I build it into 2 parts the outer ring and the inner ring, I fitted them together.

so what you should do is building a solid circle shaped platform to place the LED's
then add the inner ring to the outer ring and place both on to the LED platform making sure you don't harm the wiring of the LED's, see if you can make 2 wires escape below to power up the battery and there you go all done!

NoTICE that I don't go in to detail with the inner and outer ring's
I do this because I want you to be creative it's not an exact copy of the movie version I added my own style and it worked perfectly it lookes cool and thats the meaning of it all

If you cant find the right metal pieces you want just make them in cardboard, paint them black then use a dry painting brush and use some silver paint stroke the paint onto a piece of paper so you get a minimal amount of silver on your brush then, paint the cardboard object.
the combination of black and a little silver will give the object a cool old rusty metal look verry realistic! this technique is called Dry-brushing.

So what are you waiting for get started!

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Step 1: This Is What It Look's Like When Its Finished

its complete

Step 2:

video(this I filmed with a cellphone so sry for the resolution)

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    can i ask why there appears to be one segment that does not light up in the fourth picture?