How to Build an Rc Turret

Introduction: How to Build an Rc Turret

This is an instructable on how to make an rc turret and the parts from this intructable can be used for another of mine when i have uploaded it.

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Step 1: Parts You Will Need

These are the parts you will need, links to parts are in the picture but some youl have to find with other means.

The microchip from this website withe the reviever and the controller(

rc battery pack or other

nerf vulcan or other type gun

dc motor/s

tripod or other

webcam (optional)

a hotglue gun (optional)

some wires

a scredriver

and maybe some materials

Step 2: Now to Put It Together

I recomend hot glueing everything together because then you do have the option to remove it

Step 3: Now for Modding the Vulcan

im sorry dont have any pics because I already mouted the vulcan and i realy dont wanna mess around with is but i will still guid you
What youl have to do is either put a motor on the trigger or do it my way now first youl wanna open the vulcan up and go slow so nothing comes flying out across the room. so after youve opened it youl see 2 wires one going from the motor to the battery and the other going from the motor to the trigger to the main swith the the safety switch to the battery now what you have to do is cut the wire from the motor to the trigger and from the trigger to the main switch after youve cut them connect the wire from the main switch and the one from the motor together so that the electricty goes from the battery to the safety swith to the main switch but skips the trigger and goes to the motor now once youve done this the trigger on the vulcan will now do absolutely nothing so when everythings on and the main switch is on it will fire aslong as theres power to the vulcan now once youve completed the cut put it back together but before you put it back togeter you may wanna put 2 wires to the springs in the area where the power goes so you dont have to try and use aligator clips later on so once youve done all that you can put it back together were everythng was.

Step 4: Wiring

Wiring Yay (sarcasm)

Step 5: How to Use Your Rc Turret

plug in your battery then turn on the controller square moves turret left , circle right, x fire and triangle dont touch or it will break the vulcan

have fun and happy nerf wars

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    9 Discussions


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    motors on the nerf gun will run backwards and the gears will grind on eachother and make a loud clicking noise


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The link to the product page doesnt load. Do you have a new link?


    8 years ago on Step 5

    very cool but confusing instructable


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    yea it is pretty confusing but its my first instructable and i plan to make another with an rc nerf tank with the same microchip in this turret