How to Build My Body Part 1



Introduction: How to Build My Body Part 1

The workouts routine I’m going to show you here doesn’t require any gym equipment whatsoever so it can be done anywhere in the nature or at home. As you will see, the demonstration of all these exercises in the forest of Rades Tunisia.

What You Will Need for the workouts:



tree trunk

What You Should Know:

Beginners should perform a series of 10 and repeat the exercise five times for each body part.


What Makes The Push-Up So Great?

The push-up is a great exercise for so many reasons:

The push-up is one of the very best ways to work out your chest, triceps, and core muscles. Push-ups make your muscles look better aesthetically, build functional

strength, and improve core stability.

Push-ups are CONVENIENT. Requiring no gym equipment, the push-up is an anytime, anywhere exercise. It’s accessible to everyone, whether or not you can afford a gym membership or home gym equipment.

Push-ups CAN BE MODIFIED for many different purposes. There is a push-up exercise variation suitable for pretty much anyone. They can be made easier for people

needing to work up to regular push-ups, or they can be progressed in difficulty to provide more of a challenge to those who have mastered the basic exercise.

Watch the video bellow to learn how to properly perform Push Ups, the classic anytime, anywhere exercise that should be a staple of everyone’s exercise routine.

Many advanced versions of the Push Up wiil be available in our youtube channel: Gaining Mucle Fast

Exercice N°2: Legs Workout Squats Gain Muscle Fast n1

The squat is a classic functional training exercise. You may not realize it, but you perform half a squat anytime you sit down or rise up from sitting.

Watch the video bellow to learn how to do a Bodyweight Squat, an excellent exercise for working out your entire lower body, including all the stabilizer muscles.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for all suggestions i'll do my best in the next inst


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You're going to blow your knees out if you continue performing those squats that way. Your legs should only be shoulder width apart, not spread apart so far. You should also be dipping with your back straight into a seated posture SLOWLY. My recommendation is to find a smaller rock, one that when it falls, it won't hurt you. Two 1-gallon (or 2-liter) bottles with handles full of water would make a better (free) weight for squats than a small boulder. Practice using a wall behind your for stability and keeping your back straight until you develop the skill to repeat the motion perfectly.

    Decent write-up though, nice job!