How to Build Starwars Helmet Keychains.

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Intro: How to Build Starwars Helmet Keychains.

Starwars keychains

Step 1: Opening a Part in Solidwoks.

First you need to get into solidworks by opening it, if you have downloaded it already. Then you need to open a new part.

Step 2: Opening Sketch.

Now you need to select front plane and then hit sketch.

Step 3: Getting a Sketch Picture.

To get a sketch picture you need to pick any picture off the internet

Step 4: Splineing the Edges

You now need to spline the parts of the helmets.

Step 5: Extruding the Helmets

You will now go to extrude boss base and click on the parts you want to extrude then you are finished.



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