How to Build Your Own Computer




This guide is written to provide a simple instruction to show how to build a computer. Because of the limitation of the words count, this instruction will not talk about details such as how to put the CPU on the motherboard, which is what the product guidebook does. This instruction will show you what you need to do to build a computer and hope you can build your own computer in the future.


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Step 1: Tools Needed

Computer Hardware
1 motherboard (this is a very essential parts, it decides what CPU,memory, video card , and hard desk you use )
2 CPU with fan and heatsink which supports your motherboard
3 memory which supports your motherboard
4 video card which supports your motherboard
5 computer case which is big enough to put your motherboard in
6 hard desk which supports your motherboard
7 power supply that fits your case
8 hardware which are not installed into the case, like mouse ,keyboard and monitor
other tools
1 screwdriver
2 screws and wires (will give to you when you buy these hardware)
3 static wrist strap( prevent your devices being hurt by static

Step 2: Install Power Supply

1. open your case.
2. take out your power supply
3. put it into the case(usually at the back of the top of the case) it  with four screws

Step 3: Put Memory and Cpu on the Motherboard Sockets

1 raise the little stick which near the CPU socket up
2 install your CPU (align the CPU triangle marking with the triangle marking on the mother board )
3 put your CPU cooler on the top of your CPU and stuck it to the socket
4 connect the cable to the connector located at the motherboard
5 insert the memory to the memory socket( take care of the nick on memory , it should match the nick of the socket )

Step 4: Install the Motherboard

1remove the I/O shield of the case (the place where you plug in your USB devices at the back of the case)
2 find the I/O shield of the motherboard to replace I/O shield of the case
3 positioning the motherboard with I/O shield
4 secure the motherboard with the screws.(put the screws into the holes of the mother board)
5 connect the power supply with power, system fan, front panel, the guide book of the motherboard will show where theses connectors are.

Step 5: Install Video Card

1 remove the slot cover from the case back panel.
2 insert the video card to the video card socket
3 secure card's bracket with a screw
4 connect the video card with power supply

Step 6: Install Hard Drive

1 installs the hard drive into a drive bay.
2 secure it with screws.
3 connect drive to mother board and power supply

Step 7: Finishing

1connect keyboard ,mouse, monitor and USB DVD-ROM drives to the case
2 power up the machine and make sure everything is working
2 close your case
3 install the required software

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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    A bit over simplified, but you've hit the main points. Two suggestions.

    First, wear a static wrist strap when you do this. I've never had anything bad happen when I wasn't wearing one, but you just spent all that money on new computer parts. Why not spring the extra $8 for one, just to be sure, right?

    Second, power up the machine and make sure everything is working BEFORE you close up the case. Just this weekend I was upgrading my server at home. I installed a new hard drive (new to that server, anyway), and the BIOS wouldn't recognize it. I played for a few minutes before noticing that the drive that was already in there was on cable select and the drive I was putting in was on slave. Had I closed up the case before I powered up, I would have had to open the case back up to troubleshoot.

    4 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for your patience, very helpful suggestions.I will put them into my instructions. Thank you !


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    This is what I'm talking about with the static wrist strap, btw.

    absolute zeromrmath

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    or dont buy one ;)