How to Buy a Cell Phone for an 11 Year Old Girl

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This is the cheapest way to get a smart phone. The phone cost is $106.98. Using Ting mobile as the carrier, the monthly cost for the line is $6 and the rest of the rates are low (total cost for me us is about $16 per phone). I have included a copy of my most recent bill, it is $64.35 for four phones. There is no contract so you can cancel. The phone is from Amazon so you can return it.

  1. Get this phone: BLU Advance 5.5 HD -Unlocked Dual Sim Smartphone - US GSM - $89.99.
    1. There is sometimes an option to buy this with adds on the lock screen for $69.99, this just shows a small add on the wake up screen, you will get adds like this anyway if you install the amazon shopping app.
    2. Get the highest number, 5.5 as of Dec 2016. Look for the most recent version of Android, this is 6.0 marshmallow, (right now there is a 5.0 for $69.99 but is is running Android 5.1 Lollipop.)
  2. Get a case, this one is okay, $7.99, but there might be better ones:

  3. Get a micro SD card,32 GB for $10.00 -- 32 GB is the smallest you should get, bigger is bigger.

  4. Pick a carrier, my favorite is the company Ting Mobile. Their rates are listed here:
    The cost per line is $6. Everything else is pay for use. You can cancel at anytime, so you are only risking $6. Using any of these links, you should save $25, so you are now risking nothing.

    1. If you think you need unlimited use, get your most recent phone bill and
      enter the values into their savings calculator.

  5. Buy a SIM card, $9, it must be GSM from Ting -

  6. Wait for everything to come in the mail.

  7. Put the SIM and SD cards in the phone.

  8. Go ting Ting activation page- the SIM card should be listed.

  9. There a several steps to activate, but they are laid out well. If you have problems call their customer service, 1-888-538-8295. Remember that you can not break anything and can retry as many times as you need too.

  10. Done! If the phone is working you are in good shape, you will have to decide how to set up your kid, everything will be through google. I set everything up on my google account, then turned off access to my gmail.

  11. If you want to give up and cry - you can return everything except the SIM card.



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