How to Catch Crabs

Introduction: How to Catch Crabs

Today, I will teach you how to catch crabs, either for food, or for fun

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Step 1: Gather Materials

To catch crabs, you will need...
A net
A length of thin rope
frozen fish or chicken

Step 2: Setting Up the Line

First, you need to tie a loop on the string and pass the rest through it creating a make shift cows hitch, put this around your wrist to make sure you dont lose the bait.

Step 3: Setting the Bait

Create a normal knot (like the one to tie your shoes, but only the first part twice)

Step 4: Places to Catch Crabs

The best places are around rocks I go crabbing in the oceans, for example, when there is a rocky outcrop going out to sea from the beach, this would be and ideal place

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I don't know where you are crabbing, but in Louisiana when you start moving your line go slow or that crab lets go. Also, they do not hold onto the bait if you pull ours out of the water. Maybe we have smarter crabs. Make sure you have a very long handled net to be able to net them as soon as you get the close enough that the net reaches. Do not try to touch these suckers unless you are very experienced. They will make you scream like a baby with a full diaper....then you will have full undies.


    I'm confused. I get that you tie bait up with a string and tie the end to your wrist, but something's missing. At what point do you actually get a crab? Don't they just wander up and eat the bait? Can you go into more detail on this please?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    If you put the bait in the right places, for example, the cracks between rocks (note that the bait has to be underwater) and the crabs just wander up catch onto the bait, so you just pull them out of the water and put the net under the crab and shake the line, and the crab will fall into the net. If your catching crabs for food I would recommend bringing a bucket.


    5 years ago

    My parents loved crabbing. They used to do it at the pier at SF. You should show pics of when you head out. I only went a few times.