How to Catch a Lizard With a Piece of Grass




Introduction: How to Catch a Lizard With a Piece of Grass

To catch a lizard, you can use several kinds of grass. I have shown 3 of them in the photo. You can find more information on wikipedia

Step 1: Make a Noose

Remove the leaves and the flower, so the only thing left is a straight thin thread. Make a noose on the top.

Step 2: Find Some Lizard and Try It

You can find lizards at sunny rocky places. Put the noose around it, and catch it. The grass is a part of lizards natural environment, so it is not afraid of it.

This instructable is for survival situation. If you want to try this be gentle, don't squeeze the lizard while catching it and release it unharmed.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This instructable caught my attention, as I am so scared of lizards that I find it difficult to even come near them! Nice instructable, but I'd still be looking for a better way.


    I've seen this work before too! My grandmother showed me this when us kids were very young! It's fairly simple to do this without hurting the lizard too. The term "noose" might scare a few people.

    My dad showed me how to do this when I was little! I'm always surprised by how well it works. Thanks for explaining the process!