How to Catch Fish by Bottle




how to catch fish. using bottle it take about 5 minutes to catch from 5 to 15 fish if you are lucky you could found big one all i throw all i got due to not to die
tools you need
water bottle

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Step 1: Building

 choose big size bottle also can use any size i choose this big size just to get more space for fish you can use small one 

make sure that the bottle is closed then cut it with the knife on the middle, cut 3 sides only 

Step 2: Placing It

now add sand sand inside the bottle then pour some water  after that put some bread at the corner as on the image then find the best place to put it and leave it from 5 to 10 minute

Step 3: See What You Got

now get it out off the water and see what did you catch

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    In the English language, the plural form of fish is "fish" not "fishes."