How to Cause a Harmless Bluescreen Whenever You Want

Introduction: How to Cause a Harmless Bluescreen Whenever You Want

Today im going to show you how to cause a harmless bsod by making a harmless registry value.
as long as you follow these steps EXACTLY you will be ok.

                       *i am not responsible for any system damages whatsoever*

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Step 1: Opening the Registry Editor

First open the run command and type in REGEDIT you might be greeted with a security screen

Step 2: Finding the Right Folder

goto Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Services\i8042prt\Parameters

Step 3: Making the Value

Make a DWORD Value and call it CrashOnCtrlScroll.    Give it a value of 1

Step 4: Restart Your PC

Restart your pc so it can load the value. Values cannot load while the OS is running for several reasons.

Step 5: Triggering the BSOD

Hold the right CTRL key and press Scroll Lock 2 times

the bsod should read USER_GENERATED_CRASH_DUMP and under it should say what a regular bsod says

this is a good way to restart your pc if it starts losing its crap but i dont suggest you to do it but if you do it, !!**DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK**!!    IF YOUR HDD INDICATOR IS FLASHING RAPIDLY OR KINDA FAST DO NOT TRIGGER IT!!

it is COMPLETELY safe and harmless

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