How to Change MP3 Bitrate Using VLC

What is Bitrate?

What bitrate means really depends on the context where we use it. In the multimedia industry, the term “bitrate” refers to the number of bits, or the amount of data, that is being stored within a certain amount of time. The common measurement of bitrate includes kbit/s and Mbps in different context. In audio, it usually means kbit/s or kilobits per second. For example, MP3 music is at 128 kbit/s, meaning there are 128 kilobit of data transmitted in each second of a song. Generally, high number indicates high quality and large file size.

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Step 1: Change MP3 Bitrate With VLC

VLC media player is a multi-functional app that can be used as an MP3 bitrate changer.

1. Download and install VideoLan VLC media player. If you have installed the latest one on your PC, just bypass this step. If not, get it from VLC official website.

2. Open VLC. Launch VLC media player on your computer. The app shortcut icon will usually be on the desktop.

3. Add MP3 file(s). Go to Media > Convert/Save, you’ll be redirected to a new dialogue named “Open Media”. Click the “Add” button on the right of the box to import MP3s you want to change bitrates, then hit “Convert/Save” button on the lower right corner.

4. Set the bitrate. Once again you’ll come into another pop-up window called “Convert” in which you can change bitrate of MP3. In the “Settings” section, drop down the “Profile” menu, select “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)” as the encapsulation format and then click the button with a wrench and a screwdriver icon. In the new “Profile edition” window, hit “Audio Codec” to adjust the bitrate, click “Save” once it is done.

5. Choose a destination folder to place the new file. In the “Destination” section of “Convert” window, hit “Browse” button, type “XXX.mp3” as the file name in the “Save file…” window and finally click “save”.

6. Save the file. Click “Convert/Save” button, the file will be soon processed and saved to your PC.

This method is very helpful to change bitrate of MP3 files but the steps are tortuous. If you consider changing the bitrate straightforwardly, refer to an alternative to MP3 bitrate changer.

Step 2: Make Use of MP3 Bitrate Changer

1. Search Video Converter Studio in google then download and install it on your Windows Computer.

2. Open the app and add MP3s. Launch the app, directly drag MP3s which will be displayed in the interface intuitively.

3. Set the bitrate. Drop down the “Profile” list, go to Audio > MP3 > High/Medium/Low quality, click the “Settings” button, the Preset editor pop-up will appear in which you can select your preferable number from the “Bitrate” drop-down list. Hit “OK” to return to the main interface.

4. Save the file. Click “Convert” button to make changes.

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