How to Change NISSAN NAVARA Brake Pads.




Introduction: How to Change NISSAN NAVARA Brake Pads.

When you go to an auto repair shop to change your brake pads, you will expend money you can saved for other purposes, so i will show you easy way to change your car brake pads.

The brake system for Nissan and other car company is similar to same. 

Step 1: Tools.

To preform this job we need the following tools and parts.

1-Socket set sizes.
2-Car jack.

4-New brake pads.

Step 2: Rise the Car.

 Before you rise the car you should to loose the tire nuts.

To loose the nut you should to use the socket set and turn it counterclockwise rotation.   

Step 3: Remove the Tire.

Be careful!

 After you remove the tire, you have to put it under the car to avoid car falling, and do not forget to put the nuts in safe place. 

Step 4: Ioose the Rear Caliper Bolt.

The caliper hold all brake parts and give the force for pads (shoes) that use fraction to the rotor to stop the car movement.

We can loose it using the socket set '' size 14.

Step 5: Pull the The Caliper Body Up.

If the caliper body is stuck you can use DW40 to remove rust and make it easy to move, and push it by screwdriver.

Step 6: Remove the The Old Brake Pads From Pad Clip.

Safety note!!

Wear gloves when you working to protect your hands because the parts is strong and sharp.

Step 7: Put the C-clamp Inside the Caliper Body.

Step 8: Push the C-clamp to Opposite Sides and Push the Piston In.

Why we use C-clamp?

When you remove the old brake pads you will find it skinny and narrow and the new pads is thick, which will not fit on the caliper so we use the C-clamp to push the piston inside.  

Step 9: Put the New Pads Inside Pad Clip.

You can put some grease between the pad and pad clip. 

Step 10: Move the Caliper Body Back Into Position.

This the hard part !!
Because of assimbly stuckness, shake the caliper body strongly to insert it on the pad clip.  

Step 11: Tighten the Bolt That Hold the Caliper Body in Support Bracket.

When you put the bolit first tighten it by your hand till the bolt came to end to keep it on balance, then you can tighten it by socket set. 

Step 12: Make Sure Everything Is Back in Place.

Q.  Why you must make sure everything is back in place?

 A. Watch this video :)

Step 13: Put the Tire Back On, and Tighten the Tire Nuts.

We install the tire and tighten all nuts by hand, then we tighten them using socket set in across order to make sure it been tighted.  Than the job completed.

Drive Safely.

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    Tip 1 year ago on Step 7

    Please remove cap from brake master cylinder - as you compress the pistons back into the housing, this forces brake fluid back up into master cylinder. I have placed a thick cloth under master cylinder to catch any overflow and thus protect paint work and adjacent fittings.