How to Change PC Theme (Windows XP)


Introduction: How to Change PC Theme (Windows XP)

Well.... most of people want to change themes...

But everything that they end up with is Windows 98 Classic Theme

THATS WHY I AM HERE                                     

You can also do this on Vista or Windows 7, but why when they have nice themes anyway

Step 1: Theme Patch

We can not do anything without this part, so watch carefully

Go to this link:

Press DOWNLOAD button

After you download, restart your PC

Step 2: Downloading Themes

Go to

On left side under  "CATEGORY" choose CUSTOMIZATION

Then choose SKINS & THEMES



Then choose theme that you want and download it

Step 3: Activating Themes

After you downloaded your theme, somewhere inside of theme's folders you shoukd have something with icon that is on picture; run it press OK, and congradulations, you just changed your theme



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    5 Discussions

    Is this safe?

    When I try to download it, it brings up this download for a driver updater

    I have the patch it only lets you use custom themes. Don't worry it's the official microsoft one on that site. :)

    Nice instructable, but this theme made my pc slow...