How to Change Icons (make Duplicate)

Introduction: How to Change Icons (make Duplicate)

1st go in properties of the icon which u want to copy and by clicking “change icon” copy the location of the icon.
Then go in properties of your other file which you want duplicate icon and clicking change icon paste the copied text. 

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    The Ideanator

    It's not working, can you offer assistance? I need this for homework or some-such before the night is out because I like being lazy until the deadline. What about you, are you one of those homework slackers?
    I also am in need of the ability of this doing such rudimentary things as can so be for-evermore on the computer. Basically my boss would like me to solve a similar issue for him (she is a bit of an idiot, loves to spin a rubbish yarn (British slang)just for fun, to be honest, it just gets on my nerves, he just goes on and on and on making little to no sense and is totally nonconsistant in what they say). But I digress.

    I ought to get back to studying for my early finals.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    hey it absolutely happens

    just copy any icon's location and paste it in the change icons area.