How to Change R4i Gold 3ds Skin

The r4i gold 3ds is one of the best flashcarts available for the 3ds, dsi and 2ds to date. It is working with the newest 3ds/2ds/dsi update.I got my r4i gold 3ds from they pre-flashed the card for me, and it was really easy to setup, the r4i gold 3ds worked out of the box after i install the software. Below are the setup instructions on how to change the r4i gold 3ds skin.

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Step 1: Download the Skin File

Choose your favorite skin from (at the buttom of the page) and downlod it. And download the latest wood kernel v1.64 at the same time.
Unzip the two compressed file. You will have two folders: "Wood_R4iGold_V1.64" and "New Zelda Spirit Tracks"
Access to the "Wood_R4iGold_V1.64" folder, copy and paste all the contents directly to your microsd card, and copy the whole folder "New Zelda Spirit Tracks" directly to the mircosd card too.
After done, Insert the mcirosd to your r4i gold 3ds, and insert the r4i gold card to your ninteondo unit, boot up your console and click the game icon

Step 2: System Settings

Highlight the skin file folder and click "START", choose settings to access "system settings" page, find the skin you like (zelda), and save the settings.

Step 3: Done

Skin changed



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