How to Change the Libraries Icon (Windows 7) - EASY NO PROGRAMS!




How to change those boring libraries icons :D

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Step 1:

Download an icon. You can find millions of them from websites like

Save it to someplace like your desktop.

Right click the icon.
Click on properties.

Click the Security Tab up above
Copy the text next to object name.

Step 2:

Click the start orb
Click on computer (it doesn't have to be computer, you can click on windows explorer )
On the search bar above, type in


***** Replace the stars with you user name.

Step 3:

Leave this windows open.

Open notepad at the same time

Click and drag the folder who's icon you want to change.

Step 4:

The notepad should now contain text.

There should be a line saying <isLibraryPinned>true</isLibraryPinned>

Underneath that line press enter.

Type in <iconreference>

Paste the text you copied earlier.

Then type </iconreference>

It should be in the format of <iconreference>copiedtext</iconreference>

Step 5:

Save before you exit.

If you icon doesn't immediately change refresh.


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    6 years ago

    Great 'ible! :) That's a nice computer wallpaper! Could you tell me where you found it? :)