How to Change the Sodastream Carbonating (Co2) Bottle

Introduction: How to Change the Sodastream Carbonating (Co2) Bottle

So you have checked the sound system, popped the popcorn and grabbed that cozy blanket in preparation for movie night with the family.  As you start to make a liter of your favorite beverage you notice that there is no carbonation left in the Co2 bottle. Good thing you have a replacement on hand… This instructable will teach you how to replace the Co2 bottle in your Sodastream beverage maker.

Disclaimer: Please use care when handling any type of pressurized canister.  Store pressurized Co2 bottles at room temperature.  Please refer to owners manual for repair information.

Step 1: Items Needed

Sodastream beverage maker with 1ltr bottle.  Cost start at $80.00

Replacement Co2 bottle.  Cost varies but relatively inexpensive

Step 2:

Ensure that there is no carbonation left in the Co2 bottle.
To do this, fill the 1ltr bottle up to the fill line with cold
water. Attach the bottle to the unit and simply press and
hold the button on the top of the unit until there are no
visible bubbles in the bottle.  This will indicate that the
Co2 bottle is empty and requires replacement.

Step 3:

Position the unit so that the backside is exposed.
Press and hold the silver button while pulling up on the
top half with the other hand.

Step 4:

If done correctly, the top half should separate from
the bottom half which will expose the Co2 bottle .

Step 5:

Hold the top of the unit and unscrew the Co2 bottle.

Step 6:

Grab the replacement bottle and remove the
Protective seal.

Step 7:

Screw the new bottle into the top of the unit until
hand tight.  Place the top portion over the bottom
of the unit and slide into place until the top and bottom
are secured together.

Step 8:

Once assembled, fill the 1ltr bottle with cold water up
to the fill line, screw the bottle on to the unit hand
tight and press the button on the top of the unit until
you see the carbonation (represented by bubbles).

You’re done!

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    My gas cylinder does not have the bolt head on the brass fitting. What does this mean? Its empty but i want to fill it using my co2 station.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    There's a machine that carbonates your drinks for you?!

    How did this slip by me!?

    Thanks for sharing this tip. I'll keep this in mind once I buy my Sodastream.