How to Change the Tube and Tyre on a Bicycle




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This instructable is for those people that want to know how to replace an old or busted tyre and tube from the wheel of a bicycle.

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Step 1: Deflating the Tyre

To deflate the tyre you need to find the valve, valves can come in two different types.
The road bike valve, the valve shown in the instructable
And the american valve (the tick one on bmx and mountain bikes)

Step 2: Removing the Tube

To remove the tube you need to use some the plastic hook thingies found at bikes stores for about $2 AUS

First stick the hooks into the gap and hook them onto the groove of the wheel and pull them back down to the spokes of the wheel and hook them onto one.

Repeat this with another hook a little bit further down the wheel (about 10 inches). It may be a bit of a challenge with the second hook because it will be quite tight.


After pull some of the groove over, pull the rest over all around the wheel, then remove the tyre by scooping and pulling it out. and to get the hard valve bit out you have to pull back the tyre.

Step 3: Pulling Off the Tyre

A similar process to the previous step is used to remove the tyre.
Just pull it off, but if is to tight used the tools again.

Step 4: Putting in the New Tyre and Tube

When putting a new tyre and tube on, put the tyre on first (half way on) and then slip the tube in and put the valve through the hole and slip the other halve of the tyre back on.
Make sure the tubes a little pumped up.

Step 5: PUMP IT

To pump the tyre up you need the valve to have it undone and push the connector onto it untill it goes through the hole pull the lever and PUMP.
30-40 psi for BMX / Mountain Bike
100-120 psi for Road / Track


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    4 Discussions

    Phil B

    10 years ago on Introduction

    The valve you show is called a Presta valve. The American valve found on the mountain bikes is a Shrader valve. (It does not matter, but it is frosting on the cake to have the information.) I have sometimes had problems around the valve stem. The tyre bead may not seat properly and the tube bulges out the side when I inflate it fully. To get around that, I like to push the stem up away from the rim and put both beads of the tyre on near the stem on first. I push the tyre beads down and let the stem area of the tube press down on the beads as I inflate the tube. It is very disappointing to have been careful, but still pinch an new tube with a tyre iron while installing it. It is more of a problem with tyres that are very tight going onto the rim. Thanks for posting this.

    1 reply
    willaye!Phil B

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    id rather use simple words so people who dont know can understand but a big thanks for the big comment


    10 years ago on Introduction

    great ible 4 stars

    the pump connection is called a chuck


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Just a note, a lot of BMX tires are outside your 30-40 PSI range, that is about right for most cheap tires, but many nicer tires will run around 80-100 PSI.