How to Change the Battery in a Tempo Time Tag



Introduction: How to Change the Battery in a Tempo Time Tag

Vessel's Tempo Time Tag are a cool replacement for a watch, attaching onto clothes, bag straps or pocket edges. The battery runs out eventually, so here's how to replace it. It's a standard 364 / AG1 / LR621 / SR621W / 164 button cell battery which cost a few pence each.

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Step 1: Turn Over Time Tag

Turn the Time Tag over so it is facing your work surface.

Step 2: Use Small Phillips Screwdriver to Unscrew the Two Screws

Holding the Tag firmly, insert the screwdriver through the holes in the clip to unscrew the tiny black screws. The order you unscrew them doesn't matter.

Step 3: Put the Screws Somewhere Safe.

The screws are small, black and can be a nightmare to find if lost on dark carpet. Put them somewhere safe.

Step 4: Put the Tag on It's Side and Use Your Nail to Gently Pry Off the Window.

Insert your nail (or another thin flat object) between the front plastic panel ("window2) and the front part of the metal clip. Run your nail along the gap between plastic front and the clip, twisting it slightly to increase the gap. Do this until you can either gently pull the plastic panel away from the rest of the unit or it falls off. There is also a thin rubber-like ring, this should come away with the window.

Step 5: Remove the Body From the Clip.

Pull the clip open slightly as shown in the first image, then push the body out of the clip.


The PCB is held in place by three tiny poles going through 3 tine holes in the PCB. You need to lift the PCB straight out of the case to avoid damaging these poles. Insert your nail (or another thin flat object) under the metal LCD housing and lift it up very slightly and very gently. Do the same on the other side. Run your nail along the sides in the gap, increasing the gap uniformly until you can remove the PCB.

Step 7: Remove Old Battery and Insert New One.

Remove the old battery, I found it easiest to use the screwdriver to push it out as seen in the second photo. You could just push it out with your nail. If you look at the third photo of this step, you would push the battery towards the top right corner of the PCB.

The put the new battery in.

Step 8: Line Up the PCB Holes and Gently Push It Into the Housing.

Line the PCB's holes up with the three poles in the housing and gently push the PCB down into the housing, making sure the poles go through the holes. Tak3 care not to bend or otherwise damage the poles.

Step 9: Slide the Body Into the Clip and Line Up the Display With the Cutout on the Front of the Clip.

Slide the body lengthways into the clip, making sure it's the correct way around (see below) and line up the display with the cutout on the front of the clip.

Step 10: Wipe Away Any Fingerprints

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any fingerprints from the LCD screen or the inside (rear) of the plastic display window.

Step 11: Refit the Plastic Window (and Rubber Ring).

Making sure the rubber ring is between the window and the body, line up the two poles on the rear of the plastic window with the two holes in the front of the clip. Making sure the poles go through the holes straight, push the window towards the body of the tag.

Step 12: You're Done!

You're done! Set the time, wipe away any finger prints and enjoy!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Heh, they're cool little clips with a built in clock. If you click on the link in the intro (or here) it'll take you to the product page on the manufacturer's website. They're sold as a pair, take tiny little batteries and I love mine! You just clip it onto your shirt cuff, way more interesting and practical than a watch!