How to Change the Laser Diode in Your DVD Player


Introduction: How to Change the Laser Diode in Your DVD Player

Does your DVD burner not work. Does it not burn your DVDs. The problem is that your laser diode in the DVD burner does not work.
Today I will show you how to replace the laser Diode in your DVD player.




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    So time we have file type that's not work properly or can't play i thing before making a decision to open a hardware we should try to play that file in Power iso:

    sorry totally agree .just not how you take a cd rom apart.

    take the front of first by popping the tray out and taking the front off .

    i completely agree what the heck dvd drives are so easy to take apart. and to watch him he isnt repairing anything he is just destroying the poor thing. thumbs down for this vid

    This guy cant even take the DVD player apart correctly so why would i ever consider him capable of replacing the diode. I understand the "be nice policy". But allowing this person to possibly assist viewers to destroy their DVD players is wrong.