How to Change Your PSP Parts

Introduction: How to Change Your PSP Parts

This Instructable will teach you how to disassemble your PSP so you can fix/customize it. This Instructable uses liberal amount of image notes!

Step 1: Locating the Screws

In order to open the PSP, we must first locate all the screws and unscrew them. There are 7 screws that you need to unscrew. Now the last screw is hidden under the warranty sticker in the battery slot. So if don't want to void your warranty, then better stop reading as you're only wasting time (Peace!) 

Missing screw # 2. So don't mind the photo if it's missing a screw.

Step 2: The Insides of Your PSP

After you have removed all the screws, you may now open your PSP! Only the front cover though. As the PSP needs the bottom casing as base.

Step 3: Unlatching the Utility Bar

I'm not sure if it's really called a utility bar but utility bar sounds good so I went with it. So in order to access the LCD, you need to unlatch the utility bar.

Step 4: Removing the LCD

So you've unlatched the utility bar. The next step will be removing the LCD. Gently lift the part that is pictured below.

Step 5: Removing the LCD Part II

Your PSP should now look something like this. Now you will want to disconnect the film-like things that connects the LCD to the main board. To disconnect you will need to flip the black bar. Like flipping a switch on. (Make use of the flat screw!)

Step 6: Filler

Just admiring the parts :D

Step 7: Pull the Triggers!!

Miscellaneous stuff. Unscrew away!!!

Step 8: Keypads

Got your PSP wet? Then this is probably the part that you are looking for. Unscrew this guy first.

Step 9: Keypads Part II

Like with the LCD you will need to disconnect the film-like thingy from the main board.

Step 10: End

Reassemble the PSP and there you have it! Your fixed/customized PSP!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I really am afraid opening my own psp and rather open other psp than mine LOL