How to Change Your Engine Oil Yourself at Home.

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Regular oil changes are very important to keep your engine in top condition.

You must also chose the right oil for your engine. Older engine's use thicker oils while more modern performance engine's use thinner engine oils. My preference is a synthetic oil as they do a better job and reduce sludge build up in your engine.

It also depends on how hard you run your engine. I like to hammer mine so I change my oil regularly about every 10,000klm.

You can also save yourself some money doing it yourself at home.

Happy motoring from HM

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    Home Mechanics Man Cave

    Reply 3 years ago

    That is because you obviously already know how to do it and you did not need to watch this clip.

    But there are some who have NEVER done this before who need all the extra comments and to who this is helpfully.

    This clip is for those people to learn how to do it not those who already know.

    Regards HM