How to Cheaply Replace Worn Insole and Make It Last



Introduction: How to Cheaply Replace Worn Insole and Make It Last

I didn't decide to make this instructable until after I'd done the deed, so there will be missing photos.

My shoes are made so that they eat away at the insole where the ball of the foot is (look at the 3rd picture, they're like rubber knives). I wanted to fix this as quickly and cheaply as possible, and reinforce it so that it didn't happen again for a long time.

You'll need:

  • Cutting knife/scissors
  • Replacement insole (I used the insoles from some old shoes that are going in the bin)
  • About 3 minutes spare

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Step 1: Cut Off the Bottom of the Insole and Use It As a Guide

Just realised this isn't very clear.

So cut off the bottom half of your troublesome insole (top right in the image). Place that over the top of the rest of the insole (anywhere will do). Cut around it.

Step 2: Put in the Shoe

This is the 'reinforcement' part.

Step 3: Put in the New Insole

Hopefully this should last a while.

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