How to Check If a Game Will Run on Your Computer Before You Buy the Game.




Introduction: How to Check If a Game Will Run on Your Computer Before You Buy the Game.

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I recently acquired Call of Duty 4 from a friend (for free I might add) because wouldn't run on his computer. Well, his computer is fairly new, and it baffled me why it wouldn't run. So after a couple hours of searching the internet, I came across this website. When you select the game from the drop down menu and click the "Can you run it?" button, it will review your computer's specs. and list rather the game is compatible with your computer or not. It will show the recommended specs. and the minimum specs. to run that specific game. And if the game isn't compatible, it will show what components you need to upgrade to run the game.

Step 1: Visit the Website

First you need to visit this site, see the left side that says
"Find out if you can run that game on your PC"? click the button underneath it that says "Can YOU run it?"

Step 2: Test Your Computer

Now to test your computer for compatibility. From the drop-down list, select the game that you wish to run. After you selected your game, click the "Can you RUN it" button. This will take you to a new page.

Step 3: Analyzing Data and Results

This next page will analyze the data, if you are a Windows Vista user then UAC(User Account Control) will pop up and ask for permission, click yes as this is not harmful. Now your results will appear...It appears that I failed...:(

Step 4: Finish

Well now you know how to check to see if you can run your game without having to drive all the way to the Local Generic Superstore near you, buy the game, wait 45 minutes to install it, find out that it won't run, and then run back to the store to return it. So I hope that I helped, and saved you the hassle of the return.



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    Hi, i 've got a questio... PLEASE respond. So, if I am designing a new computer and I haven't got the parts yet, is there a way I can check how the game would run on it?

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    Hi there, RagingP.

    To my knowledge there isn't any automated way to check how the game would run since you don't have the PC to run the analysis on, but I suggest you do the following to get a good generalization.

    1.) Find out the game requirements.

    These are usually on the back of the game's packaging, or you can use Can You RUN It and select the game, then choose "View Requirements" to pull up a spec list.

    2.) Compare the requirements to your PC.

    You're going to want to take a look at the minimum or recommended specs to run the game and compare it with the components you are using you build your new PC (EX. compare the recommended RAM with how much you're PC will have. If it reccomends you have 4GB of RAM and you're PC has 4GB or greater, then you should be set in that category!)

    3.) Check off each section as you go

    Go down the list for things like CPU Speed, Video Card, etc and keep comparing your components. If your parts are equal or better to the recommended ones, then there's a fairly high chance that your computer will run the game well.

    By completing these steps, you'll have a good idea if your computer can handle the games you wish to play on it. Do take note that this method, nor the website, will give you a definitive answer or guarentee that your game will run perfectly or smoothly as each computer may preform differently. Please only use this technique as a guide.

    And as always you can check other places online such as message boards to see and compare your rig to others and see how the game preforms on those ones, but this should give you a good starting point. Good luck and may your building endeavors fare well!

    Can You Run It is a site which cannot be trusted as it said watch dogs will not work on my pc but it worked.

    i dont trust can you run it because it said i cant run call of duty modern warfare 2 and i bought the game anyway and it works perfectly

    Yay call of duty modern warfare 2 and call of duty world at war will work on my computer

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    Lol, dont feel sad, my pc wont run the recommended for Modern warfare either xD

    Thanks heaps! If only I knew this before I bought Call of Duty World at War and didn't get my money back because I lost the reciept!

    No, actually you can get one for $1500, provided you shop around for the parts and assemble it yourself.

    built mine runs it great, built it for around 500-600 thats about mid-minimum-recommended

    You know you could just overclock your computer, but of course that would degrade your computer's health, well if you put the game on to low quality then changed it back, to the original state.

    How long is it supposed to take to download? Because I've waited about 5 minutes and it's still on the first bar! I'm using FireFox and I also have the pop-up blocker disabled like it says so why isnt it working?

    7 replies

    It works on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Media Center, and Vista. Are you running one of those OSes? You will also need to give your permission to download the secure ActiveX/Java browser component. Did you give your permission? .